Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Quotes of the Day - Liars and Cheaters

For me, one of my biggest pet peeves is cheating, which is just one more form of lying. I have never tolerated cheaters or liars and I believe there is a special place in hell reserved for just those folks. I think that the act of lying probably causes more human pain than any other action a human can take. As I write, I have one person on my mind in particular, that I wish would read this, just so they understand exactly how much I hate anyone who cheats (and no, it's not my ex).

Some of my favorite quotes on this topic are listed below:

Integrity is not a conditional word. It doesn't blow in the wind or change with the weather. It is your inner image of yourself, and if you look in there and see a man who won't cheat, then you know he never will. Author: John D. MacDonald

I think we all know deep inside whether or not we are the kind of people who are cheaters or liars. For me, integrity is not optional. I was taught by both my mother and father that integrity is a must. It's one of the most important things about your character and once you lose integrity, nothing else matters.

I would prefer even to fail with honor than to win by cheating. Author: Sophocles

To me this is where your conscience comes in. My conscience rules me. I wonder about people who appear to be devoid of conscience, how do they live with themselves? Have they never looked in the mirror at their own reflection.

If you marry a man who cheats on his wife, you'll be married to a man who cheats on his wife. Author: Ann Landers

I miss Ann Landers, and her sister Abby. I adored their wicked sense of humor when dealing with these issues. I don't understand the philosophy that women have, who cheat with a married man. Why do they think the man won't do the same thing to them? Do they really believe they are that wonderful and beautiful that they could prevent a dog from being a dog? They are stupid enough to blame the wife for anything wrong in the marriage and never seem to believe the man is ever the problem. Those women get my vote for the Idiot Award. 1) if the woman was that stupid, fat, lazy, or whatever the husband claims his wife to be, why in hell did he ever marry her? 2) Would you want to be married to someone that stupid? 3) Why on earth would you want a relationship with a man who cheats period? For anyone who puts any faith in statistics, they show that second marriages have an almost nil success rate. It is higher than a 75 percent divorce rate. To me, they get what they deserve

My favorite quote comes from Kim Cattrall: “Men cheat for the same reason that dogs lick their balls... because they can.

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Dee Dee said...

Most people I know are willing to lie about something, or exaggerate as some like to call it..

In fact, few people I know appreciate utter honesty.

I dunno feebs. Does this shirt make me look fat?

Feebs said...
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Dee Dee said...


feebs said...

I'm sorry. I told you I have mean thoughts. Vicky was mean and a liar. She was also a size 52.

Dana Underwood said...

Searching the net and found this post. I have a cheating Wasband. I've recently met his girlfriend's HUSBAND and boy do he and I have a LOT in common. I enjoyed your quotes and I have little respect for Liars and Cheaters!