Tuesday, February 5, 2008

For Pete

Everyone once in a while I feel motiviated to write, just a little. Here is my latest, a poem for my friend and buddy Pete:

What do you say when you want to give a friend hope.
You want to make sure, that they survive, and not end up, with their neck through a rope.
You want to tell them stories that encourage them and promise great joy and true happiness.
Let them know that they can come out alive, from their current life mess.
So where do you go, to find what you want to say, and what stories to tell,
The bookstores have books on this, which they would be more than happy to sell.
There are books by men named Max Lucado and TD Jakes,
Which are a million times better than the ones written by some Christian fakes.
My favorite is probably max’s book, He Still Moves Stones, in Chapter Three.
In a story about a man God has called to set his people free.
Born to a slave, who set him upon the Nile to find the pharoah’s daughter,
To prevent him from being one of those babies killed in Ramses infant slaughter.
Raised as a king’s son, in the palace with no expenses spared,
But when witnessed a slave murdered, his actions showed that he cared.
He killed the man who killed the slave and to the wilderness he fled.
I’m sure old Ramses just thought he was dead.
But God had other plans for this man they called Moses, a shepherd he was to be
Because he would be responsible for helping the Hebrews to be set free.
One night while sitting around a certain bush, thinking about his sheep
The bush became engulfed in fire, it was so quiet, at first Moses couldn’t hear a peep.
But then came the voice from Heaven, for it was God who would now speak.
Telling Moses to take off his shoes, and letting him know on holy ground he stood
Explaining that he could lead his people to freedom, walk right out of Egypt he could.
I wonder what Moses was thinking when the creator of the universe explained his plan to him that day
Probably, “there is no way in heck I can do this, there is just no way”
I am just a nobody, an old man who tends sheep
Why do you bestow your faith on me, Dear Lord, isn’t this a giant leap?
I imagine the Lord giggled, I am sure he has a sense of humor
Remember the armadillo? God laughed when he made it, of this I heard a rumor.
“Why Moses, you wonder, why I chose to select you for this important mission
I know all, I hear all, and I see all, imagine this vision:
My people will walk from the west to the east
They will take their belongings and all of their burdens of beast.
I know there is a sea, that is directly in your path, on the way to your new land.
But I will be there, like always, and I will give you a hand.
For god is all powerful, all knowing and mighty as can be,
With the wave of his rod, he allowed Moses to part the Red Sea.
Nothing can stop the Lord, from what he chooses to do,
Not the actions of little old me, or little old you.
When God makes up his mind that there is an action he wants you to take
He uses all kinds of drastic measures, causing you to choose the option you must take.
It may not seem like magic, the ways that he chooses to help us all out
Sending us to jail to help us? We surely do doubt.
Being in jail tends to put people where they belong, way down on their knees
But God is there, he is there always, He never leaves.
He wants us to think about the life he has given us, what a great gift that is
We always choose our own ways, instead of following his.
He has given us the rules, the Ten Commandments, we know them well
Living by those rules, never breaking them, is a story I would like to tell.
But we are mere humans, not Godly and perfect like He
But one day in heaven, that is exactly how it will be.
Every day we see glimpses of heaven all around us, here and there
I have seen a few of them, and I have a few stories to share.
I’ve seen a boy named Payton with a dog named Brownie, laughing and running
I’ve seen a bride out in Texas, the prettiest, the most stunning.
I’ve watched people run to those in need to help out
In places like New Orleans, when Katrina caused so many to doubt.
I’ve watched the birth of babies, many who weighed less than a pound.
They have survived, all miracles, we’ve found.
I’ve seen people with no legs, who have learned how to walk
You see Jesus performs real miracles, he speaks the real talk.
You may think he doesn’t know about you, young Peter Lalonde, yes you.
But I assure you not only does he know you, he really loves you.
His death on the cross washed away all of our sins
And for this reason, we can do nothing but win.
Life is about dreams, and the hope that they one day come true.
Look up at the skies, and watch the stars following you.
God is upstairs watching over you and me
He loves us so much, he wants us to be happy.
When life leaves you doubting about what is wrong and what is right
Look up into heavens, and look for that bright light.
God loves us all so much Pete, I hope you can feel it tonight
Say your prayers, believe in Him, and He will make things just right.
As proof of above, he has already given you the best gift of all
A daughter named Adrian, and for her you must not fall.
You just have to learn from your mistakes and have faith in the Lord,
Keep busy, make plans to do things for when your life becomes bored.
Learn to love yourself Peter, is the message God told me to give to you
God loves you, you belong to him, yes, you most certainly do.
I wrote this for you my friend, my buddy, my little Pete
You have always been special to me, yes my little sweet.
God says to tell you, he has a special message for you,
“Hey Pete, this is God, I really do love you.”