Friday, November 11, 2011

Does anyone have a conscience anymore?

Haven't posted in awhile.  Once again I will make a vow to try and write on a regular basis.  

Been sitting here reading about and thinking about the Penn State scandal, just wondering how could things like this go on for so long with no one going to the police?  I will never understand why people refuse to open their mouths and stand up for what is wrong and to denounce what is wrong.  It does no good to hide behind closed doors and pretend the evildoers will just heal themselves.

If someone back in the 1990's had reported Jerry Sandusky to the point of him getting his sorry ass put in a federal penitentiary, who knows how many young men could have been saved the horrible sexual abuse they sustained because of him?  

The janitors at the facility had a meeting the night the one janitor saw him having oral sex with a kid about ten. That janitor was extremely distraught and they thought he might have a heart attack, but the group of janitors met and none of them made the decision to report this, because they feared losing their jobs.  How about losing their souls?  If I have to choose between saving a child's life or losing my job, chuck the job, it's a child for cripes sake.

The others at Penn State who saw inappropriate behavior, including him actually having sex with a ten year old boy, none of them made sure the police were contacted, or the kids parents, or social welfare authorities.  Did they really think the political beings at the school would take care of that child's needs and make sure he was safe?  I can only imagine, we'll probably hear in the weeks to come how someone was paid off.  The prosecuting DA or investigator disappeared in 2005 and has now been declared legally dead.  I wonder if he is living in south america or some other place, paid off, or if he was ""retired" by some of those rich benefactors of the Second Mile club"

I'm just so disgusted at the apathy of the common man.  Does anyone have a conscience anymore?

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DeeDee said...

I didn't realize there were all these witnesses. Should they be prosecuted as well? It's shameful!